Defender High Efficiency Window Systems Helping Winterize Homes Since 1979

Defender Interior Insulating Windows, created by The Plastic Factory, has been serving architects, builders, property managers and home owners with our patented interior energy saving window systems since 1979. They are an affordable, easy to install, high efficiency window system for both residential homes and commercial properties. They restrict heat and cold thermal transmission and save you money!

Why The Defender

Defender high efficiency windows are very affordable, saving you a tremendous amount of money every year on your home or commercial property energy bills. In fact, most of our clients recover the cost from savings in less than two years. After that, it’s pure savings. Compare that to the expense of new windows which take 10 years for payback.

Interior Storm Windows Are Problem Solvers

Our Defender 1 &2 are an energy saving solution to drafty windows. But they save even more than just heat in winter. During hot summer months, they keep cool air in and hot air out. Depending on where you live or work, you energy savings can be year round.

You’ll also be happy to know, as energy prices keep rising, your cost savings keep increasing.

Preventing Dust and Noise Pollution

If you are in a city or located near a highway or train line, our Defender 1 &2 windows with Superlock will keep both noise and dust under control. The tight seal from our Super Lock system solve numerous issues at a fraction of the cost of new windows with installation time at a minimum.

Whether you install yourself or hire a contractor, labor time is shortly reduced. You don’t need to be inconvenienced by a lengthy construction project and lots of debris that needs to be thrown out.

In cities where dust and noise pollution is a constant annoyance, our clients rave about the results. In addition to the energy savings, weekly cleaning cost are reduced and air quality is improved. Reduced noise levels make life a little more peaceful!

Earn New Profits

For those contractors and entrepreneurs looking for a growth opportunity, becoming a Defender Dealer and Installer is highly profitable.

We have numerous clients who have found an amazingly low startup business with high margins. We start you out with an inventory pack that will get you on the road to profitability in no time. Our dealers tell us that they have never experienced so many word of mouth referrals as with the Defender Insulating Window system.

Since almost everyone can benefit, you don’t have far to travel. In fact everyone is a potential lead or source of referrals. It’s like giving away money!

Potential Clients

  • Homes
  • Multi Family
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Libraries
  • Police and Fire Stations
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Banks
  • Medical Offices and Hospitals
  • Retail Stores
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Galleries
  • Train and Bus Stations
  • Post Offices
  • Hotels and Motels
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