Defender Insulating Windows and The Plastic Factory in Connecticut have been serving architects, builders, property managers and home owners with our patented interior energy saving window systems since 1979. They are an affordable, easy to install, interior insulating window system for both residential homes and commercial properties. They restrict heat and cold thermal transmission and save you money!

Our most popular, Defender 1 window inserts with our Super-Lock system is installed inside your window frame. Defender 2 with Super-Lock is a flush mount system for windows and doors without a recessed frame. The dead air space between Defender and your window allows for maximum, thermal money saving performance.

Quick Facts:

  • Energy Saving, Noise Reduction, Interior Insulating Windows
  • Bug and Dust Prevention, Stop dust, bogs and spiders from entering
  • Homes, Apartments, Offices, Retail Stores, Warehouses, Medical
  • Cost Recapture in 1-2 years from Energy savings
  • Patented frames with Scratch Resistant Clear Acrylic
  • Ultra Violet and Tinted Acrylic Available
  • Easy 20 minute Install for most windows, Minimal Tools Required
  • Frames can be painted to match your wall and windows
  • Windows remove easily
  • Most residential windows $50.00 - $80.00 vs. $200.00 - $400.00 for new
  • Contractor Install Cost approximately $25.00 - $50.00 per or DIY
  • Customize for every size and shape. Square, Rectangle, Triangle or Circular

About Defender Frames

Defender Insulating windows install from the interior with a tight seal preventing air infiltration. Our clear acrylic prevents cold and heat transmission many times over conventional glass. They are an affordable alternative to new windows with extraordinary long term performance. In most cases the cost savings is 80% over new windows with 50% annual energy savings. In fact, as energy prices rise, your energy cost savings increase.

  • Defender 1 with Super Lock – Our most popular system. Installs inside the frame.
  • Defender 2 with Super Lock – This frame is flush mount for windows that do not have ¾ inch of interior area for frame.
  • Defender Magnetic Frame- Our magnetic system makes removal just a little easier. Magnetic attachment frames are available for both interior of frame and flush mount attachment.

Frames come in 12 foot long viable plastic strips. You can cut to your exact specifications whether installing within the frame or flush mount. Strips are approximately ¾ inch wide. If you have ¾ inch of area to mount frame, use the Defender 1 System. If you lack surface area of ¾ for interior attachment then use the Defender 2 system for flush mount. Both systems create an equally tight seal.

Strips come in two parts. Part 1 has a soft adhesive strip. We recommend in addition to adhesive mount to attach to surface with a stapler or Brad nails. This step tightens seal and enables you to easily remove the window without pulling strip 1 away from window frame.

The second part snaps into the first. Each window includes a strip that sits on your window sill. This strip has a groove that can be grabbed for easy removal.


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