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How to Insulate a Window

Defender Super-Lock Energy Window Systems

All Defender Interior Windows are designed to seal and insulate your windows. Designed for people who have drafty windows they do not wish Defender Energy window systems provide window insulation that is both attractive and effective. Learning how to insulate a window is a snap with our do-it-yourself systems.

There are two basic types of Defender Super-Lock Energy Window Systems, one which mounts inside the jamb and one which mounts on its face. They are ideal for systems where frequent venetilation or easy exits are not necessary, or where large window areas (and, hence, heavy sheets of acrylic) make magnetic systems impractical.

Defender-1 Super-Lock Energy Window System is our most widely used system. An L-shaped mount is adherd and mechanically fastend around the inside jamb; a sheet of acrylic is then fit into the mount and locking strip snapped into place to secure the sheet.

Defender-2 Super-Lock also has the same unique snapping system, but is designed for use on windows without recessed jambs and for mounting directly to the door and awning-type windows. Super-Lock Systems accommodate sheets from 0.080" to 0.250".

As our magnetic systems, Defender Sills can be used to speed removal of Super-Lock windows.


For large windows or semi-permanent systems, use Defender-1 or Defender-2 Super-Lock. Defender-1 snaps inside Jambs; Defender-2 mounts on fac of jambs. For faster removal, use with Defender Sills.

Defender Magnetic Window Systems

There are two types of Defender magnetic window mounting systems, one which mounts inside the jamb (Defender-L) and on which mounts on the front of the jamb (Defender Magnetic Strip). Each system uses the same framing system- Defender Rigidframe Magnetic.

Defender-L is and L-shaped strip of vinyl, one leg of which can be adhered and mechanically fastened around the inside of the jamb. 

rigidframe.jpgMagnetic material on the other leg faces into the room and grips magnetic used to frame the acrylic sheet.

Defender Magnetic Strips are simply strips of self-adhering material which can be attached to the outside face of the window jambs by adhesion and mechanical fastening.

Defender Rigidframe Magnetic Window Systems surround the acrylic with the strongest magnetic framing system available-one which included a permanently embedded steel bar. The systems lock onto either Defender-L or Defender Magnetic Strips.

For even easier handling, Defender Sills are available to function as the bottom part of the frame. A finger grip simplifies removal of the window for ventilation or emergency exits.

Acrylic sheets on magnetic systems can range from 0.080" to 0.125".

For easiest removal use Defender Rigidframe Magnetic mounting systems. Mount inside jamb with Defender-L or on jamb face with Magnetic Strips. Defender Sill further speeds removal.

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