Tested and Proven to Insulate and Seal Windows

Defender window frames are available in 12’ lengths or may be custom-fit to your application. Corners can be mitered at a 45-degree angle or butted together. When attached to a glazing panel of acrylic sheet or other material, they form a continuous seal of at least ½” around the window perimeter and allow for expansion on all sides. They hold the acrylic at least ¾” away from the inside window, forming a dead air space.

Defender window systems, when tested at U.S. Testing Laboratories, admitted only
0.013CFM/ft. at 0.57 PSF (Performance Class 10) and just 0.016 CFM/ft. of air at1.57 PSF (Performance Class 20 and over).

Heat Conductivity:
Defender reduces a window’s U-value from approximately 1.13 fro singlepane glass to 0.52. When applied over double-glazed windows, the
U-value comes down to 0.30. This means saving to you of 90,000 to 120,000 BTU per square foot of glass per year.

Noise Reduction:
Over 25 dB (A) reduction (flat audio spectrum), up to 38 dB (A) includes glass and air space, when installed as second glazing, depending on the glass and acrylic thickness and the integrity of the seal).

Defender frames have been proven to be nonflammable and self-extinguishing by ASTM D-635 for rigid plastics over 0.05” in thickness. Framing flame
spread is within the range of 15-25 according to ASTM E-84.

Defender-1 U.S. Patent No. D258-766, Canadian Patent No. 49516. Defender Rigidframe Magnetic and Defender-L, U.S. Patent 4,461,223.

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