Can I Install The Windows Myself or Do I Need A Contractor?

Anyone can install Defender Energy Saving Windows. It’s as simple as following the steps. Measure, order, cut frame strips, apply strips then acrylic. Finally snap strips in place starting with top strip, then the two sides and window is complete.

How Much Do The Windows Cost?

Most residential windows cost $40.00 - $80.00 each. Windows cost approximately $4.00 - $5.00 per square foot. Contractors charge approximately $25.00 - $50.00 per window or $1.60 -$3.50 per square foot depending on location, window size, travel time and other factors.

How Much Energy Do They Save?

Defender 1 & 2 are energy efficient windows. In most cases, the savings recover the cost of the windows in 18-24 months.

What Is Cost Savings Over New Replacement Windows?

Though every project is different, it’s not uncommon for a residential project with installation by a contractor to cost in the neighborhood of $2,000.00 while new windows installed could easily be $10,000.00.

Are They Easy To Remove?

It only takes a few seconds to remove Defender Energy efficient windows.

What Are Windows made Of?

Windows are an acrylic plexiglass that is as clear as glass. You can’t even tell they are there. Plexiglass does not transmit cold like traditional glass. Place your hand on a glass window in winter and you can feel the cold. Combine with our Defender 1 &2 with Super Lock and you have an air tight, energy saving window system.

What Shapes Do You Offer?

The clear acrylic can be cut into any shape you want. The frames are easily cut into strips that mirror your acrylic. Triangular windows, circular, rectangles, squares are all easy sizes.

Can I Enclose a Screen Porch?

Defender 1 & 2 are excellent for insulating a screen porch in winter months. They can be installed both on the interior or exterior depending on the opening. Use the Defender 1 system for inside the jamb or Defender 2 for flush mount.

Do Defender Systems Stop Dust Coming in Through Drafty Windows?

Defender System 1 &2 have a tight seal that stops dust from coming in through old, drafty windows.

Will They Stop Noise Pollution?

The tight seal from Defender 1 & 2 significantly reduces exterior noise levels. They are ideal for residential or commercial properties in noisy cities, near noisy roads and highways or properties near train lines.

Many manufacturing buildings use the Defender systems to reduce noise levels between interior office windows and loud manufacturing areas.

Will Defender 1 & 2 Stop Direct Sunlight?

Acrylic comes in clear, tinted or Ultra Violet protection. Defender tinted or Ultra Violet will significantly reduce direct sun light.

Can I Use Defender Systems to Seal Old or Historic Windows?

Defender 1 &2 are ideal for insulating old windows. The frames can be painted to match the existing frames.

Can Defender Energy Efficient Windows Be Used to Protect From The Outside?

We have custom energy saving systems for exterior mounting. Available in extra thick, non breakable acrylic tinted that allow light in, while eliminating ability to see through. This is a great system where security is critical with tremendous cost savings over new installs.

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