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Help Your Customers Winterize Old Windows by Insulating with Defender Energy Efficient Windows

High Profit Potential

The cost of heating homes and commercial properties is going to continue to rise, there is no doubt about that. Remedies for energy efficiency is in huge demand.

One of the most cost effective, immediate energy saving solutions is the Defender Insulation system for residential and commercial properties.

The cost of windows and installation is 25% or less than new installs with cost recovery within 2 years versus 8-10 years for new. As energy costs rise, so will the savings. There is not a better investment that your residential and commercial clients can make.

As a dealer installer, you benefit from volume pricing plus installation fees. A two man crew can easily install 30-40 windows in a single day. Learn to systemize the installation process and your profitability increases rapidly.

High Margins, Low Overhead 

Acrylic Plexiglass is very light weight relative to other construction materials. You need very few tools, a van for transporting materials and very little area to work.

There is minimal debris left over after a project. A garbage bag is all you’ll need for left over pieces. With low overhead and a growth market that saves clients money, well... it doesn’t get better than that.

Get Paid Immediately

Most residential homes are 1 -2 day projects. Even large commercial projects are quick. There is no need to have to wait to get paid, a continual problem in the construction business. Imagine a business with quick installations, low overhead where you get paid immediately. And to make it even better, your clients will be thrilled to pay you, you’re saving them money.


  • Winterize Old Windows – Cost recovery in less than 24 months
  • Increase air conditioning efficiency – keeps cool air in
  • Solution for historic properties
  • Noise reduction – Great for cities, near highways or trains
  • Dust Reduction – stop exterior dust from entering through drafty windows

Property Types

Homes, Townhouses, Condos, Lofts

Apartments Buildings

Office Buildings

Retail stores and dealerships



Hotels and Motels

Hospital and Medical Facilities

Retirement Communities

Schools and Universities

Become a Dealer

Dealer Packages include 1500 feet of assorted Defender Window framing packed 300 feet in each tube. You will also receive sample packages to show clients, brochures and 2 Defender Sample Corners. Our $2,500.00 starter pack will get you started with inventory with a volume discount. The more you purchase, the greater the volume discount.

Window Installation Dealers are in high demand and will continue. We provide you with the frames and precut plexiglass windows. Or you can purchase your plexi glass in your local area.

This is a rare small start up opportunity. A great business for small crews or train installers and build an expansive business.
For more information, call Bob at The Plastic Factory. He'll be happy to walk you through the program. 203-908-3468

We look forward to hearing from you.



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