Case Study 1: Energy Consultant Saves Bank Client 23% on Electric Bill

An energy and insulation specialist in New Haven, Conn., told the owner of an 18-story bank headquarters building about Defender. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace the bank's windows with energy-efficient windows , the owner hired the contractor to install $250,000 worth of Defender windows--- which to 1.7kwh (23%) of his electric bill.

Case Study 2: Contractor Earns Profits for Simple Energy Window Installations

An energy and insulation specialist in the middle-Atlantic states made an initial investment of $2500 in Defender inventory and merchandising materials. In 1985 two of his employees installed Defender windows in 187 homes for a total profit $117,959 on materials alone--- more than $600 per house.

Case Study 3: Plastics Distributor Capitalizes on Energy Efficient Window Replacements

A plastics distributor devoted a few extra feet of warehouse space to Defender materials. He began running newspaper and radio ads promoting Defender, and in 1985 sold $75,000 worth of Defender frames and mounts and $375,000 worth of acrylic sheet to contractors and walk-in retail customers. Average profit for the sheet was significantly higher than the normal mark-up.

The plastic factory - home of defender insulating windows
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